What happens when three groomsmen wake up after a night of drunken stupor to find the groom missing? They trawl through Las Vegas to find him in action-comedy The Hangover. Viva Las Vegas


When the precious Pink Panther diamond is stolen again, police inspector Jacques Clouseau embarks on a round-the-world pursuit of its elusive thief in action-comedy The Pink Panther 2.


Hollywood leading men Tom Hanks and Ewan McGregor may find themselves upstaged by the Italian capital’s galore of gorgeous sights and attractions in the upcoming blockbuster Angels & Demons.


Keep your peepers peeled as everyone’s favourite undercover agent James Bond returns to the big screen in Quantum Of Solace. Where in the world will he end up this time?


A bride-to-be discovers from her mum’s diary that one of three men could be her dad. So she invites all of them to the wedding, a move that eventually causes the celebration to fall into jeopardy.


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