13 June 2020


Cherating is an idyllic escapade for a short weekend away

With its lush tropical forests, palm fringed beach, golden sands and gorgeous sunset, Cherating is a mere three-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur. It is fronted by the warm South China Sea.

Kampung Cherating is the perfect destination to experience the true spirit of Malaysia. It is a lovely village filled with friendly people. A smiley hello is common in the morning at a ‘roti canai’ stall. A casual conversation with the locals at the beach bar might lead you getting invited to their Christmas or Hari Raya party! Villagers playing beach volleyball and football in the evenings regularly welcome visitors with open arms to join them for the activities. People in Kampung Cherating are genuinely hospitable.

Featuring great vibes and ramshackle huts, a walk around the village guarantees a wonderful feel of a slow-paced Malaysian lifestyle.

There’s plenty to do, but spending time on the beach and letting time slip away is also a great way to enjoy this little gem!

Fireflies Tour

A ride through the mangroves of Cherating River in the evening witnessing the twinkling lights of fireflies is an activity not to be missed. You’ll be enchanted by the magical experience seeing fireflies light up the riverside like Christmas trees. The tour operator is very passionate about fireflies and visitors will be briefed about the behaviour of these charming bioluminescence insects.

The river attracts other wildlife too. Day tours on a wooden boat through the mangroves is highly recommended. Monitor lizards basking in the sun, spider crabs and beautiful bird life are the common sights. It is great for birders, nature lovers, curious kids and photographers.

Other organised activities include watching turtle laying eggs (seasonal), releasing baby turtles to the sea and quad bike adventures.

Hafiz Cherating Activities

📞 +60179789256


In the recent decade, Cherating has gained its popularity as a surfing destination within Malaysia and internationally. Surfing in Cherating is best during the monsoon season, from November to March. The waves come in mood with tame and mild currents perfect for beginners and bigger and ferocious swells for the avid surfers.

There are two popular surf schools in Cherating.

Ombok Surf School E:

📞 +60 12 341 1732

Cherating Point Surf School E:

📞 +6012 9337590


If you wish to hit the water for some adrenaline rush, kiteboarding is the ultimate water sport that will fix that. Kiteboarding is an exhilarating sport that harnesses wind and water at the same time.

Kam’s Surf Shack offers kiteboarding lessons and rent out equipment. Kayak can and paddle board can also be rented here.

Kam’s Surf Shack

📞 +609 581 9134

Batik painting

An afternoon at Limbo Art doing batik painting is a great way to learn this unique Malaysia art. A 24-hour window is required for the art to dry after painting. This certainly is a great exposure to a Malaysian heritage both for children and adults.

Limbo Art

📞+6011 3913 0089

Places to Stay

Tanjung Inn

A lovely setting with beautifully landscaped garden and gorgeous wooden bungalows surrounding its lakes. You’ll be greeted by melodious birdsong every morning. Its residential monitor lizard is always out and about around!


📞+609 581 9081/ +6011 3989 9402

Villa De Fedelia

The beachfront chalets have unobstructed views of the ocean with glorious green grass carpeted around the resort. There is a restaurant and bar right next to the resort, overlooking the ocean.


📞+6017 2493711

The Royal Chulan Cherating Villas

Luxurious beachfront villas with facilities and an infinity pool overlooking the ocean. Jaw-dropping views of the South China Sea from this resort set on a hill.


📞 +609 5847 373

Ku Mimi Chalet

The cosy little bungalows at Ku Mimi’s is well known for its friendly owner. The huts are clean and is only 5 minutes away from the beach.

📞+6019 9273871

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